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the test

Do you have more clients than you did 2 years ago?

► Yes   ► No
Are sales at least $100,000 per payroll employee?  ► Yes   ► No
Are your Principals and/or Managing Partners responsible for less than 1/4 of your total sales? ► Yes   ► No
Do you win at least 1 of 4 projects you pitch? ► Yes   ► No
Are a small number of clients responsible for 75% or more of your billings? ► Yes   ► No
Do you have a sales system or department independent of Principals and/or Partners? ► Yes   ► No
Do your clients have an advocate other than a Principal and/or Partner? ► Yes   ► No
Can your company be differentiated from your 25 closest competitors? ► Yes   ► No

If you didn't answer "Yes" to all these questions, contact us and find out how Tandem can help.