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Sales and marketing efforts aren't up to the same high standards as your company's work product. Finding and keeping quality clients is a constant headache. It's a burden on the Principals, and distracts senior people from the tasks they actually enjoy and do best.

Maybe you've handed over a year's take-home pay for a written report telling you what you already knew - that you need a rationalized, up-to-date sales team.

Maybe you've hired and fired more sales people than Mick Jagger's had girlfriends, but still spend half your day closing sales.

Maybe your company has grown, and you recognize the need for a rationalized sales and marketing team, but don't know where to turn.

You know it's not working! You haven't scored a significant new client in years. You're selling piecemeal services to existing clients. And 80% of those clients are your senior partner's college classmates, and they're getting ready to retire.