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Tandem focuses on real world, action-oriented deliverables. During a typical sales system implementation engagement, Tandem:

  • Assesses your company's specific needs;
  • Structures and writes a specific sales and marketing plan, appropriate for your company and its unique corporate culture and environment;
  • Recruits and hires sales, business development and client relations personnel for your company;
  • Trains your company personnel and the new hires;
  • Creates a compensation system proven to motivate while increasing profitability;
  • Generates new leads (seeded with Tandem's own extensive contacts);
  • Provides an up-to-date enterprise-based Contact Management System, which includes sales tracking, contact management, report writing, and customizable sales support and presentation tools;
  • Establishes account and client management procedures and reporting structures that will sustain your newfound growth and profitability over the long haul. 

If your current Sales and Marketing efforts aren't what you think they should be; go to the test and find out if Tandem is right for you.